Managed Phishing Simulations and Real-Time End-User Awareness Training

Reduce employee click-rates by up to 90% with Spear Shield's Managed Phishing and real-time End-user awareness service.

Managed Phishing

Example Monthly Managed Phishing and Email Risk Posture Reporting

Building an effective end-user security programme

Spear Shield's 4-step approach to achieving a positive end-user experience and turning those layer 8's into 'layer greats'!

Phishing methodology

Provide your exec teams with visibility into your organisations cyber-risk posture

Executive-ready reporting with all of the intelligence you require to provide cyber-assurance to your organisation.

Organisation Susceptibility

Full detailed reporting to help you understand how susceptible your total organisation, departments, geo-locations are to phishing attacks.

Device Breakdown

Identify what device types employees are accessing corporate resources from. Are they clicking from an unmanaged mobile device...?

User Work Patterns

Understand if your employees are engaging with business emails outside of standard working hours. Is IT working then?

“The team at Spear Shield have raised the awareness of cybersecurity within our organisation which has led us to empower and educate our staff around the importance of cyber risk.”

Managed Phishing

Managed Monthly Phishing - Standalone

per no. of mailboxes

Flat fee for up to 100 mailboxes

Test and understand your employees cybersecurity awareness with managing phishing simulations delivered as a managed service.

  • Monthly Phishing Simulations
  • Up to 4 Customised Templates per Campaign
  • Full Detailed Reporting
Managed Phishing

Spear Shield Consultancy and Professional Services

project price / day rate

Get in touch for a custom quote

  • One-off campaigns
  • Management of a 3rd party phishing tool that is not regularly used
  • Classroom Training
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Secure Email Gateways
  • Unlimited Phishing Simulations

Any Questions?

Do you provide templates?

Yes we do. Spear Shield Phishing Simulations are completely managed and we have many templates pre-built and available to choose from and also own several custom domains.

Can you create a custom campaign tailored to my organisation?

We sure can! Spear Shield offer complete customisation and can create hyper-personalised campaigns tailored to your organisation and welcome the opportunity for creativity.

What payload options do you have?

We can create campaigns with links, credential harvesting and attachments.

Do I need to do anything from my side?

Spear Shield will provide guidance on any steps required to ensure the emails deliver to your employees inboxes. Other than that, you can sit back, relax (just kidding... you have plenty of others things to do!) and wait for the reporting session.

Can you test multiple domains?

Yes we can.

Can you do SMSishing?

Coming soon... It's an area we're currently evaluating. If you have an interest in performing a SMS phishing simulation on your employees - please do let us know.

What happens when an employee clicks a link?

Spear Shield will provide their advice and recommendations on landing pages on a case-by-case, per campaign basis. Any landing pages created will have the phished employee in mind and we will always find that sweet spot between being informative and keeping it a positive experience.

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