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IT Leaders Guide to Phishing

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IT Leaders Phishing

Yup, you read that right.

Free services that the security experts at Spear Shield can provide to help you identify business risk and prove our value as either an existing or future new supplier.

  • Free Phishing Campaign

  • Network Visibility Assessment

  • Mobile Security Risk Assessment

  • Secure Email Gateway Assessment

84% of businesses were hit with successful phishing attacks last year

Test and understand your employees cybersecurity awareness and risk with a fully managed phishing simulation delivered by Spear Shield.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. If you're an existing customer - this is limited to 1 per customer. If you're a new customer, we'd just like the opportunity to prove our value as a potential future supplier.

Learning how to defend your digital terrain starts with understanding what's on it.

You cannot secure what you cannot see. Allow the security experts at Spear Shield to perform an agent-less visibility assessment to help you understand EVERYTHING that is connected to your network, in real-time. 

What's in scope?

Everything. IT, IoT, OT and IoMT.

Every personal and business-owned mobile device is a gateway to business data and your network.

Understand the mobile security risk that faces your organisation with a free 2-week engagement.

Types of Mobile Risk:

Man-in-the-Middle attacks
Unsecured WiFi
Malicious Proxies
Malware apps
App permission abuse
OS exploits
Vulnerable configuration

But we have BYOD...

Don't worry, we have you covered! Mobile Security designed with user privacy in mind.


89% of IT Leaders voice frustrations with their Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Let the team at Spear Shield help you identify suspicious emails that may be slipping through the net and give you visibility into your supply chain health with a free 2-week Email Security Risk Assessment.

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