Lets crush the bad guys, and level up your security together.

Welcome to Spear Shield. A team of cybersecurity risk and mitigation experts headquartered in Ipswich, Suffolk.

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Phish fighting, threat hunting, cyber risk mitigation experts.

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Spear Shield are a team of cybersecurity risk and mitigation experts who align their award-winning solutions and services to help businesses solve their cybersecurity challenges.

How does Spear Shield help solve cybersecurity challenges?


Phishing Simulations delivered as a fully managed service.


Lead-less threat hunting and proactive incident response 24/7, 365. 


Reduce employee click-rates to 0% with real-time end-user awareness training.


Protect your business against advanced cyber attacks with Spear Shield's portfolio of cyber solutions.


Quarterly Networking Events at our Suffolk Security Social

Network with other local East Anglia based IT professionals and business leaders and gain valuable insight into the cyber-threat landscape at Spear Shield's free to attend quarterly run cybersecurity events.

a picture from suffolk security social - cybersecurity event at empires cinemas ipswich

Spear Shield's CTO Josh Broadbent performing a live cyber attack at July 2022's Suffolk Security Social at Empire Cinemas, Ipswich.


Customers solving cybersecurity with Spear Shield

Spear Shield understands that every organisation is different. The Spear Shield portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and services are all enterprise grade but scalable to accommodate all business and budget types.

“The Spear Shield team were very efficient helping us enhance our endpoint security.”

“The approachability, communication and technical expertise at Spear Shield is fantastic. They are an absolute pleasure to work with!”

“The team at Spear Shield have raised the awareness of cybersecurity within our organisation which has led us to be able to empower and educate our staff around the importance of cyber risk.”


Reasons to consider Spear Shield as a cybersecurity partner

🔹 In-house professional services

🔹 Access to the best commercials available

🔹 Pre & post sales support

🔹 Private and Public Sector expertise

🔹 Cybersecurity subject matter experts

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Yup, you read that right.

Free cybersecurity services that the security experts at Spear Shield can provide to help you identify business risk and prove our value as either an existing or future new cybersecurity partner.

  • Free Phishing Campaign

  • Network Visibility Assessment

  • Mobile Security Risk Assessment

  • Secure Email Gateway Assessment

  • Public Cloud Security Assessment

84% of businesses were hit with successful phishing attacks last year

Test and understand your employees cybersecurity awareness and risk with a fully managed phishing simulation delivered by Spear Shield.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. If you're an existing customer - this is limited to 1 per customer. If you're a new customer, we'd just like the opportunity to prove our value as a potential future supplier.

Learning how to defend your digital terrain starts with understanding what's on it.

You cannot secure what you cannot see. Allow the security experts at Spear Shield to perform an agent-less visibility assessment to help you understand EVERYTHING that is connected to your network, in real-time. 

What's in scope?

Everything. IT, IoT, OT and IoMT.

Every personal and business-owned mobile device is a gateway to business data and your network.

Understand the mobile security risk that faces your organisation with a free 2-week engagement.

Types of Mobile Risk:

Man-in-the-Middle attacks
Unsecured WiFi
Malicious Proxies
Malware apps
App permission abuse
OS exploits
Vulnerable configuration

But we have BYOD...

Don't worry, we have you covered! Mobile Security designed with user privacy in mind.


89% of IT Leaders voice frustrations with their Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Let the team at Spear Shield help you identify suspicious emails that may be slipping through the net and give you visibility into your supply chain health with a free 2-week Email Security Risk Assessment.

Detect, respond and prevent the security and compliance gaps that could be leaving you exposed...

Included with every assessment:

  • Network Visualisation – complete visualisation of public cloud environments, with detailed asset inventory
  • Audit-ready reports – compliance and security best practice reports for leading standards
  • Recommendations – remediation paths for any identified security and compliance gaps placing you at risk

Our most popular Services...



Everything you need to know about Spear Shield.

Do I have to be a Customer to attend a Suffolk Security Social.exe event?

No you don't! Whilst we'd of course hope that one day you might be... Our Suffolk Security Social events are to provide people with a platform to network. We've built a community of local based IT professionals in East Anglia, where people can come together to share cybersecurity challenges and advice for best practice with one another.

Does Spear Shield offer term-based licensing or MSP?

Here at Spear Shield, we can offer both! Consider us a hybrid MSP and VAR (Value added reseller). We are set-up with our vendors to offer our customers all options to ensure we can align our cybersecurity solutions and services with your preferred budget type. Please speak with the team for details.

Can Spear Shield supply Public Sector Organisations through a Framework?

Yes! Spear Shield has routes to market including G-Cloud to be able to supply our public sector customers with our cybersecurity solutions and services. Please speak with the team for details.

Can Spear Shield work with Large Enterprise?

Yes! and we do. Our Team has many, many combined years experience working with some of the largest private sector enterprises across the country to help tackle and solve cyber risk. All of Spear Shield's cybersecurity solutions and services are scalable and enterprise-grade.

Does Spear Shield offer Not-For-Profit Discount?

Yes, the Spear Shield Team will always ensure any eligible not-for-profit and public sector discounts are applied to any quotes for our cybersecurity solutions and services.

What are some of the top cybersecurity threats for 2022?

Here are some of the top cybersecurity threats organisations are facing in 2022. 

Social Engineering
Any network is hackable if an employee can be duped into sharing access.

Third-Party Exposure
Vendors, clients, and app integrations with poor security can provide access to an otherwise well-protected network.

Configuration Mistakes
Your cybersecurity investments are only as strong as they are configured correctly.

Human Activated Risk
User education and visibility for IT is essential to ensure those with network access and those handling sensitive data are maintaining cyber best practices.

Hackers are targeting back-ups and using extortion more and more to push receiving the ransom payment from their victims.

Mobile Devices
Every mobile device is a gateway to your network and sensitive business data.

Lack of resource and expertise
Human-led cyber attacks require human-led threat hunting. Unfortunately, skilled threat hunters are few and far between. 

Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart technology users may not realise that any IoT device can be hacked to obtain network access. Securing your network starts with understanding what's on it.

How can I reduce my employees click-rate?

This is an area where the cybersecurity experts at Spear Shield thrive! We've worked with organisations to help reduce employee click rates from 70+% to 0% without the need for any end-user awareness training.

Online training content doesn't work.

Classroom based training gets forgotten.

Static email banners get ignored.

Speak with the team about real-time end-user awareness training to help mitigate the risk of a phishing attack in your organisation.

Why Spear Shield for Managed Detection Response Services?

Other managed detection and response (MDR) services simply notify you of attacks or suspicious events. Then it's up to you to manage things from there.

With the Managed Threat Hunting and Incident Response (MTR) Service provided by Spear Shield, your organisation is backed by an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralise even the most sophisticated threats.

Why choose Spear Shield to perform Managed Phishing Simulations?

Spear Shield's creativity knows no bounds!

All of Spear Shields phishing campaigns, landing and training pages are completely customisable.

There are multiple language choices available and all phishing designs can be completely customised to tailor to your organisation.

What's included in Spear Shield's Managed Phishing Simulations Reporting?

The cybersecurity experts at Spear Shield will provide you with executive ready reporting with all of the intelligence you require to provide cyber-assurance to your organisation.

🔹 Engagement Overview
🔹 % Click Rate
🔹 No. of Credentials Harvested
🔹 Individual Campaign Performance
🔹 Device Breakdown
🔹 Caught-User Breakdown
🔹 User Behaviours Insights
🔹 Consultative Recommendations