Meet the Spears

The experience of a large enterprise with the flexibility of a start-up.

"Ooo, Spear Shield friends..."


The Spear Story

Spear Shield are a team of enthusiastic, cybersecurity risk and mitigation experts. 

The businesses quick success to date has been achieved by working closely with business leaders and IT teams, understanding core business drivers, challenging conventional approaches to legacy cybersecurity strategies and enabling our customers to mitigate risk and exceed their cybersecurity goals.

Ipswich cybersecurity

“Ruthless time management, beats 24/7 'hustle' every day of the week. Endless nights and fatigue brings poor decisions and tanks productivity. High calibre strategic execution done consistently – with a clear head, focus and energy is unmatched to beat. Welcome to Spear Shield.”


Meet the Spears

Director & Owner

Max H.

Director & Owner

Rocky L.


Josh B.


Steve C.


James S.

Customer Success Manager

Vicky H.


Here’s some of the good stuff


In-House Professional Services

Spear Shield customers can take comfort that there is in-house technical resource availabile to support them.


Access to the best commercials available

The team at Spear Shield have the relationships with our vendors to be able to provide the most competitive commercials available with flexibility to suit all budget types.


Pre & Post Sales Support

Our job isn't to sell to you... It's to help you sell to the rest of your business. Spear Shield can provide full business case assistance with proposals and cyber risk quantification and will be there to support and work with you post-sales too.

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