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Join the community, network with other local IT professionals and gain valuable insight into the cyber-threat landscape at our free-to-attend, quarterly run Suffolk Security Social.exe cybersecurity events.

Do you enjoy cool 'cyber stuff' and watching movies?

...Of course you do! Join the community at our free to attend, cybersecurity social events. Cyber criminals collaborate.... so it's only right that us as defenders should too! The events are a open to anyone who plays the role of 'cyber hero' in their organisation. Register your interest using the form below.

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Everything you need to know about Spear Shield's Security Social.exe events.

Do I have to be a customer to attend a Security Social.exe event?

No you don't! Whilst we'd of course hope that one day you might be... Our events are to provide people with a platform to network and build a community of local based IT professionals where people can share challenges and advice for best practice.

I need to leave before the film starts, is that going to be okay?

Of course! Staying on for the private screening of the Movie on the day is optional. We appreciate people have both work and personal commitments, which is why we run the events over lunchtime and give our attendees the opportunity to leave before the film starts at 2.00pm.

Can I bring a +1?

You are more than welcome to bring a +1 and attend with a colleague. Just please ask them to register so that we are able to track availability for the limited paid for seats available.

What food and drink options will be available?
Lunch and food options will vary depending on each Cinema venue, but we will let you know once details have been confirmed and will accommadate for any allergies or dietary requirements wherever possible.
Is there on-site parking available?

This will vary depending on each cinema venue but we will provide full travel and parking options once the details of the next event have been confirmed.